Light house
Large modern house for the young family. Light elements, wood trim, black graphic details.
Make modern space that will be trendy for a long time.
Make the layout in detail.
We use stone and concrete-like porcelain stoneware, veneered wood panels. We provided for hidden doors and skirting boards in the project. There is a minimalistic interior with neat elements. This design will delight the owners for many years and won’t get boring.

We worked in detail under the layout, as a result we made significant adjustments to the location of partitions, doors and windows. It confirmed the importance of developing the design project even before the construction of the walls.
The house for the young family with children
188 m2.
Interior renderings
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AREA: 188 m2
LOCATION: Bobruisk
LOCATION: Moscow region
AREA: 114 m2
AREA: 257 m2
LOCATION: Gatchina
AREA: 35 m2
AREA: 104 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 49 m2
LOCATION: Lipetsk region
AREA: 66 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 162 m2
LOCATION: Kalinkovichi

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