Small house with big plans. This is the house for a family for several years of residence while the main house is under construction. After that this small house will be used like a guest house.
Create a comfortable space of 49 m2 for temporary living of a family of four.
Kitchen-Living room was visually divided into two zones:
  • visually lightened kitchen without a lot of hanging cabinets, because in the future guests won’t use it regularly,
  • the living room was visually separated from the kitchen with a partition: a sofa was placed in such a way that when parents go to sleep they don’t see the kitchen.

The kitchen was made green as an accent. Thanks to panoramic windows the greenery from the outside became a great addition to it and visually connected outdoor with indoor.

At the request of parents in a children’s room a second sleeping place is a roll-out bed and furniture was not placed next to it, so if it’s necessary beds could be changed. A table for lessons and 2 spacious wardrobes were placed by the window.

The decoration of the bathroom is neutral with bright facades of cabinets, and it’s easy to adjust the mood of the room by replacing them.
Guest house for a family with two children.
Village in the Lipetsk region.
49 m2 (excluding boiling room).
Interior renderings
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AREA: 188 m2
LOCATION: Bobruisk
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AREA: 49 m2
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