Gatchina house
257 m2.
Create a comfortable space for the countryside lifestyle for every family member.
Holiday home for family with older children.
The two-storey house is located in a scenic place close to the forest. We wanted to save the mood of countryside space and mix it with modern design solutions and details.
For creating a countryside vibe the kitchen was made with carved facades, fireplace trim was made of stone. We used wooden elements in almost all the rooms. Each generation had its own requirements, for example, daughters asked to make the bathroom more modern and dark.

Kitchen, dining room and living room are not separated by doors to save the feeling of common space and bring more light into the house.
Interior renderings
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AREA: 188 m2
LOCATION: Bobruisk
LOCATION: Moscow region
AREA: 114 m2
AREA: 257 m2
LOCATION: Gatchina
AREA: 35 m2
AREA: 104 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 49 m2
LOCATION: Lipetsk region
AREA: 66 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 162 m2
LOCATION: Kalinkovichi

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