bright house
Spacious rooms, sloping ceiling on the second floor, bathroom with windows - pleasant bonuses of the house that are so lacking in apartments.
Create a modern neat interior in neutral colors with bright accents in childrens rooms.
I am always happy when bathrooms have windows. This was exactly in this house, and there was a fairly large area of ​​​​the bathrooms, which made it possible to arrange everything you need and even more - we made the shower without a door, the bath was placed on a wide podium, and a bidet was installed in one of the bathrooms.

In the bedroom we made white cabinets on the entire wall with integrated handles, which visually hides them from view, and also provided accent light lines and supported this rhythm with slatted panels, which made the neutral in color room more interesting. The teenage girl's room was made bright at her request, also bright colors were added to the boy's room.
162 m2.
Two-storey house for a young family with 3 children.
Interior renderings
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AREA: 188 m2
LOCATION: Bobruisk
LOCATION: Moscow region
AREA: 114 m2
AREA: 257 m2
LOCATION: Gatchina
AREA: 35 m2
AREA: 104 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 49 m2
LOCATION: Lipetsk region
AREA: 66 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 162 m2
LOCATION: Kalinkovichi

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