beige apartment
Cozy apartment in warm pastel tones.
I had two tasks: carefully think over the layout and create a cozy relaxing vibe in neutral tones with minimal accents.
Initially it was planned to combine the kitchen and the living room by making an opening in the load-bearing wall with the reinforcement, but the managing company didn’t give permission for it. Rooms remained separated, but for more space we made openings instead of doors.
We improved the layout by changing the bathroom with the storage room. Also their geometry was corrected, because these zones didn’t have load-bearing walls. Otherwise, we worked with existing parameters.

Gentle beige became the main color and softly enveloped the rooms making comfort. There are some small accents that added individuality despite the basic foundation: seamless wallpaper and a matching bright armchair in the living room, green armchair in the bedroom and graphic bathroom floor tiles.
The apartment in a new building for a family with a teenage daughter.
104 m2.
Interior renderings
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AREA: 188 m2
LOCATION: Bobruisk
LOCATION: Moscow region
AREA: 114 m2
AREA: 257 m2
LOCATION: Gatchina
AREA: 35 m2
AREA: 104 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 49 m2
LOCATION: Lipetsk region
AREA: 66 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 162 m2
LOCATION: Kalinkovichi

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