air apartment
Small 1 BHK apartment in a panel house for a young couple.
Create a comfortable layout on such a small area saving the feeling of space.
Clients wanted to divide a room into two zones: a bedroom with a bed and a living room with a sofa and TV. I created two options of layout with these zones and also showed options without zones. We decided not to divide a small space and find an orthopedic sofa for sleeping.

The kitchen is small too. So I brought the dining area to the wide loggia. To increase the light of a dark hallway I made an opening between the hallway and the kitchen to the ceiling. This solution additionally visually combined and enlarged the space.
The apartment for a couple in a new building.
35 m2.
Interior renderings
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AREA: 188 m2
LOCATION: Bobruisk
LOCATION: Moscow region
AREA: 114 m2
AREA: 257 m2
LOCATION: Gatchina
AREA: 35 m2
AREA: 104 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 49 m2
LOCATION: Lipetsk region
AREA: 66 m2
LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg
AREA: 162 m2
LOCATION: Kalinkovichi

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